How to add Heco Mainnet Network to Metamask.

1. Search Metamask in Google.

2. Click to Download given below link.

Click here to download metamask.

3. Install metamask for chrome.

4. Add extension to chrome.

5. Click on Get started .

6. Click to create new account in Metamask.

7. Click on I agree to accept terms and condition.

8. Create your new password to Signup.

9. Click on the secret code save it for later then click on next and enter that code (Do not share your secret code with anyone).

10. Confirm the secret code.

11. Your account is created you can check as per below image.

12. Click on the Account and go to network.

In this menu, you will see a list of different settings. Scroll down and click on ‘Networks’. A list of names of all the networks Metamask is connected to will appears. Click the ‘Add Network’ button on the bottom of the window.

13. Fill the HECO network details.

Enter in the HECO mainnet details as follows:

Network Name: Heco-Mainnet


ChainID: 128

Symbol: HT (Optional)

Block Explorer URL: (Optional)

14. Select the new network and fill the above details to save it. your Heco-Network added successfully in Metamask.

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