27 & 28th May 2021, News Base signal performance

27th MAY 2021 Performance

As per our News & Fundamental prediction>
USDX Performed From:90.4 to 89.9=0.5 pt gain.

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BUY XAUUSD Performed due to week dollar prediction.
Performed From: 1892 to 1903= 11 pts gain.

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SELL USDCAD Due to CAD is stronger than USD & Worst performance of USDX USDCAD TP-1.2060 Precisely achieved.
Deep Cut From our level: 1.215 to 1.205=100 pips gain.

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BUY GBPUSD Due to BOE Rate hike confirmation in near future & Oversold condition it performed excellent.
GIVEN TP-1.4220 Was Precisely Achieved.

Performed Precisely from our given Level: 1.410 to 1.422=120 pips huge gain.

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With $10k capital can trade with 1.0 Lot size by following our strict Risk/Reward.
BUY XAUUSD Gain:1 pt = $100, 13 pts x 100= $1300 Profit.

SELL USDCAD gain: 10pip = $80, 100pips x 8 = $800Profit

BUY GBPUSD gain: 10pip = $100, 120pips x 10 = $1200

SELL USDX can trade with 500 Lot( $10k Base capital)
Profit=1 lot = 10qty, 1lot=0.1 pt=$1.
0.5×5000= $2500 Profit.

27th May 2021, : $1300+$800+$1200+$2500=$5800 Net Profit.
With $10k base capital can earn 58% ROI in one day by following our news base signal.

28th MAY 2021 Performance

Due to OVERBOUGHT we have ask to SELL USOIL.
It performed excellent from our Level: 67.5 to 66.0=1.5 pt gain.

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We have provided GBPUSD to SELL Due to OVERBOUGHT.
Huge fall down from our Level: 1.421 to 1.413=80 pips gain.

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Performance Base on $10k capital.
SELL GBPUSD gain:10pips=$100, 80×100=$800 Profit.

Can trade with 100 Lot=1.5×1000=$1500 Profit.
(1lot=100qty can be difference according to broker)

Total Net profit: $800+$1500=$2300 Net profit.
ROI=23% In just two signals.

Total ROI in two day(27 & 28 MAy) news base signal»
TOTAL NETPROFIT=$5800 + $2300=$8100

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