Be aware of Forex Peace Army, EXPOSED!

Apart from all the argument and rational logic applied to prove that FPA is the biggest scam…

we will give you one challenge to our clients, traders and critics just TRY & PUT one good review about FOREXTRADE1 they will not post it in their review. WHY? Because they completely control what you want to post. They will ONLY show what they want others to see. 

We challenge anyone who can put one GOOD REVIEW about forextrade1 will get 1-month service Free. FPA will never post a good review about us as we denied to put our ads on their fake review website. If you want to accept the challenge they try n put one good review about us.

The review given by forexpeacearmy cannot be trusted at all. They are the BIGGEST SCAM in forex. Their Reviews are baseless.

FPA focuses mainly on their advertisement… and Please check the brokers they are advertising… in fact look at the website containing all the details of FPA owner and their illegal activities…

we have tried few of brokers FPA are advertising and many of our CLIENTS are victims of FPA

» FPA advertising them for money and do not post any bad reviews for those who have paid them.

» Many of these brokers advertised by FPA are scammers only

» some of these FPA supported borkers do not support clients after payment.. trades are made but if trade\s in profit then withdrawals will not happen in any case

» FPA site is not even secured it is just HTTP not HTTPS

Check How FPA is manipulating Forex Market by posting fake reviews, fake postings, fake members, they literally extort money from big companies.

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