» Client doesn’t need to sit in front of a terminal all time to decide entry & exit
» No fear of losing trades
» No missing Signals
» No missing Entries & Exits
» No need to study/ analyze charts
» Learn while you earn
» No need to spend time trading
» As company handles the trade in the account, the client can spend all the quality time as per his/her choice
» In AMS/CopyTrade company will handle the capital and will trade accordingly

» Company will do the
— Risk Management
— Capital Management
— Profit Management
— Reinvestment strategies

» In this service Company will increase the risk only from the PROFIT earned and not from the capital. This is called Risk Management, So negligible chances of main capital being blown.

» As soon as profit reaches equal to capital, the company will do the profit management & some part will be withdrawn, some part will don’t for long-term, some proportion will be reinvested in trading. the is called profit management

» Company can trade all the signals generated, so no chances of missing any signals. Maximum utilization of capital with low risk.

» All the strategies are pre-planned, prepared and ready-to-execute so the client doesn’t have to spend time to design their own for their trading.
Hedge Signal, Contra Signal, Parallel Signal, Independent signal etc.

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  1. Please I’m interested in the fx copytrade. I tried to reach you via telegram b it’s not working.

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