How to beware of Spammer and Fake REVIEWS?

The very first reason is that Feedback can be created and can be manipulated

Dependency on Feedback solely can prove to be very disastrous as no one can be sure of it transparency

At ForexTrade1 we always recommend judging with Live Performance. Check live signals check one’s depth of market knowledge.

Check how people make fake testimony
» it’s movie site and checks the ads given in the site with testimony

We strongly believe in live performance, we provide unlimited days of live performance,

Feedback can be created by anyone with simply logging in with fake email ids and phone numbers

We do not only provide live performance but we also give Learning in live market. We show our Risk and Reward Calculation. Each signal is updated with Calculated Risk and Realised Profit.

Check our Live Traded Videos at which gives you a complete peace of mind by giving you live to trade

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