At ForexTrade1, we care for the clients’ capital. We have strict guidelines for our traders who trade on Accounts- Analysts who recommend signals to follow capital protection policy.

What is Capital Protection Policy?
Capital Protection Policy has consisted of certain strict guidelines which ensure the security of clients’ capital.

Guideline under Capital Protection

For Signal Service

—Our Paid Clients will never get the random entry-exit.

—Each signal’s entry will take place from certain technical levels only

—SL will never be recommended more than 15 – 20 pips for Focal, Premium, and Platinum clients

—SL will never be recommended more than 30-40 pips for Rhodium Client

—Each day, number of signals will be given as per the selected service only

—The Paid clients will have to trade with recommended capital only in line with their selected service

For CopyTrade Service

—Most important of all, Irrespective of what capital size client have, Risk will be increased from the profit only. Not from the capital. As profit will grow, so will the lot size n position, and so will profit.

—Our Software/Traders will never put lot size bigger than what is mentioned as below:

-» A group=$2500-$10000 capital = 0.1 to 0.9 lots
-» B group=$10000-$20000 capital = 1 to 2 lots
-» C group=$20000-$50000 capital = 2 to 5 lots
-» D group=$50000-$100000 capital=5 to 9lots
-» E group=$100000 and more=10 lots & above

—Entry will take place from the SL/RL only

—Averaging the forex instruments in an MT4 account will be done only in the client in D or E group

—D & E group account will always carry supportive/parallel/contra signals so that risk will always lesser & be calculated.

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