Fake performance is based on words and advertisements, marketing and false promises
Real performance is based on live performance where no need of any commitment to make or any promise to spell. Check live signals and Judge yourself. Scammers use luring photos, big numbers, and show-off hi-fi lifestyle photos and videos to attract traders. 

Live Performance prove each signal when it was generated and is informed to all the free traders, not after the target is achieved.

Fake/Scammer don’t have real social media impression (Twitter/Telegram as widely used by Real traders and signal provider) and no real followers and all their advertisement and marketing on REWARD or PROFIT side only and no risk or loss discuss or represent in their website or in their words.

Fake/Scammer never update about high risk involved in Forex Trading and never give proper guidance for capital management or risk pattern. 

Fake/Scammer can’t work hard to give real profit signals but their main focus to create fake reviews, Testimony and lucrative videos to mislead trader and give wrong direction. They use all positive reviews by creating many accounts with different name no Brand name or value.

Fake/Scammer will create cheap AUTOMATED or COPY trade software which generates totally random buy and sell signals and lead to wipe out trader’s hard earn money by investing in low grade analysis software.

Fake/Scammer will create Ponzi scheme for Fake Investment funds in short period of time without working hard/dedication to promise to earn millions in 1 week period of time.

We provide live performance where you can check each signal when it is generated and you can judge yourself » www.forextrade1.com/live-performance

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