Free Demo for CopyTrade Service

What is “Free Demo for CopyTrade Service”?

This is is a service where the company will connect a Demo Account of “willing-to-join-paid-service” Client without any charges. A client, therefore, can gain trust and confidence in our CopyTrade service.

Why we offer “Free Demo For CopyTrade Service?

It is because some clients are very cautious or skeptical about the results/strategies. Traders’ first seek the security of their hard-earned capital, which we understand and respect. In order to provide the solution to all aforesaid queries/doubts/problems, we offer this service where the company will trade in the Client’s account itself so that they can see the results without having any of the said doubts.

Why only Tickmill DEMO account?

» Price and Feeds are as actual and transparent as the real account

» Easy to connect with our Strategies. Prices match, less expense to the company.

» Other than Tickmill, we need to spend extra $1000 USD apart from Fixed $2k to $4k Expenditure which includes
= Software Cost
= VPN Cost
= MQL plugin Charge
= High-End System
= HighSpeed bandwith Internet Connection
= 24×7 monitoring
= Man Power/Skilled Traders
as we keep 100+ chart in 1 MT4 account to set our strategies, and trade simultaneously.

CopyTrade service requires 100+ Buy Limit/ Sell limit / Buy stop Orders/SellStop Orders which consumes lot data at high speed, high-end processors, with highly skilled staff and technical team.

Who can Join “Free Demo for CopyTrade Service?

Any client with a minimum REAL CAPITAL more than $5000 USD can join our Service because our CopyTrade service minimum fees is $2500 USD so it is necessary to have minimum $5k USD capital ($2500 Fees to pay + $2500 Capital to trade)

How to register?

A trader willing to join our “Free Demo for CopyTrade Service” needs to have a DEMO account mandatorily with Tickmill VIP type & demo capital minimum $100 USD to Maximum $1 Million USD

Once you have a Tickmill VIP demo account you can follow this link (Link will come) and enter some basic detail along with your DEMO account credentials.

As we require the proof that our “willing-to-join” traders have sufficient capital to join our CopyTrade service, they will also require to fill their REAL account Number, Server ID, and INVESTOR PASSWORD to authenticate minimum capital criteria.

Follow this link

Fill the details

Trader’s Full Name:
Country of Residence:
Email ID:
Whatsapp Number:
Mobile Number:

Broker’s Name:
Demo Account Number:
Demo Server Name:
Demo Account Capital

Client Real Account Detail
Broker’s Name:
Real Account ID:
Server Name:

» Please note we don’t have ant financial/business relationship or partnership with Tickmill or any other broker whatsoever.

» We don’t use any referral link whatsoever.

» Please follow only Main Telegram channel. and Communicate

» If a Trader wants to give Demo account of any broker other than Tickmill then we will accept it with an upfront payment of $2500 which is equal to our CopyTrade fees.

After the results in the Demo account, Trader can join CopyTrade service at no extra payment other than $2500 USD.

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  1. Your trading results is so amazing that they appear so unreal but having followed u people for a while I have the confidence its genuine and legit. Do u accept traders from Nigeria? Must the capital be $2500 after paying the $2500 fee /charge?

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