Gold Forecast prior to New Home Sales Data

This document aims to provide a forecast for the gold price prior to the release of bad new home sales data on 25th June 2024. The purpose of this forecast is to identify any potential impacts on the gold market and provide guidance on potential investment strategies.

Today’s given signal :

Before delving into the specific gold forecast, it is essential to understand the economic context in which this data release will take place. The US New Home Sales report serves as a key indicator of housing market activity, providing insights into new home construction, sales, and prices. Bad data on New Home Sales generally indicates weak demand, which may negatively impact the overall economy.

Gold Forecast

Based on the economic context and the historical relationship between gold prices and New Home Sales data, we forecast a slight increase in gold prices prior to the bad US New Home Sales data on 25th June 2024. This forecast considers the potential safe haven appeal of gold and the potential for increased investor demand.

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