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Main features :

  • Multi confirmation for Major and Cross pairs
  • Final Signal for BUY/SELL/HOLD
  • Multi Timeframe Currency Strength analysis
  • Trade closing alert

How it works :

  • Work for all the major and cross currency pair with different 4 confirmations (C-1 , C-2, C-3, C-4) that indicates buy or sell direction as per different timeframe.
  • You need to just wait for ‘FINAL SIGNAL’ confirmation.
  • when all the conditions are matching and you are getting an alert so on that particular time you can enter as per indication.
  • for example, as you can see USDCAD in abow image, all confirmations are showing to ‘SELL’… so you need to wait until final signal will show ‘STRONG SELL’. as like GBPCAD showing.
  • With these tool you will get precise entries for your trading.

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