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Main features :

  • popup alert
  • Repeat alert for single price
  • message edited format
  • Sound alert
  • Mail Alert
  • Telegram alert for Price and Breakout price

How it works :

  • With this tools you will get popup alert, Sound alert, you have to write the price for which you want to set an sound alert in the penel.
  • Your voice alert will sound as often as the number you set, here as example in the above image we have set number ‘3’. it means alert will come 3 time… you can set any other number you want.
  • Also you can add more panel by change this number 1 to 2 you will be able to add a new price panel.
  • you can change any other currency pair, If you type ‘BREAKOUT’ in place of XAUUSD or any currency pair name, you will get breakout alert.
  • You will get an alert when market will reaches at your set alert.
  • you will get constant update on your phone & no need to be available on your terminal all the time, sound alert also helpful, also if you are not nearby you will get alert as you have set the number of alert.

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