Q13 What is CRN

It is Client Relationship Number.

CRN like works just like an account number or like CLIENT identification. The company recognizes clients through CRN only.

Our company is service oriented and works on Daily Profit commitment basis. The company wants to focus on each client, so post payment service is given based on CRN number only.

The Company accepts new payments ONLY after this CRN gets approved by Account Team.

The company makes sure that each CRN is earning their profit as per their respective profit agreement.

An interested trader can request a CRN in telegram.me/Forextrade11 or in respective WhatsApp Number.

Where to contact us :

Website : www.forextrade1.co
Twitter : www.twitter.com/forextrade11
Telegram : telegram.me/ftrade1
Facebook : www.facebook.com/Forextrade01
Instagram : www.instagram.com/forextrade1
YouTube : www.youtube.com/ForexTrade1
Skype : forextrade01@outlook.com
Email ID : info.forextrade1@gmail.com
Discord : https://discord.gg/vEk98ZvrHP
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/forextrade11

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