How do you read forex signals?

Buy or Sell

That obviously mean that you have to SELL on USD / CHF pair. If there was a BUY shown instead of SELL you would of course have to click on BUY – it’s that easy.


At CMP 0.9309. CMP stands for ‘Current Market Price’. Not all signals suppliers give that value within a signal provided. Usually we understand that the currency pair should be bought or sold at the moment of signal’s issuing and for a current price.

TP Stands for Take Profit

Means indicating the maximum rate at which the system should close the order on your behalf. The signal supplier gives you not only the information that you may BUY or SELL a particular currency pair at the moment, but also provides information for what value the rate will rise/fall. The TP is given with some margin.

SL Stands for Stop Loss

The stop loss is give control over losses. Just in case the signal turns out to be unfavorable because of a sudden change in trend. Even the best traders are not always able to foresee everything. For such a case the value of stop loss is given. Setting the S / L rate means that the terminal will monitor Forex price action and close the position, if the exchange rate reaches the stop loss level. This allows minimizing losses related to unfavorable changes in the exchange rate.

Forex trading signals are normally referred to as entry and exit signals. These are the direct result of tons of in-depth analysis, research, and tracking that the different trading systems engage in on an ongoing basis. When the signals are transmitted to you, keep in mind that they are only considered as accurate and active for a brief period of time, so quick reacting is necessitated by this. These signals are sent out three times a day at 8:30am, 12:30 and 16:30pm EDT, and are all given in GMT. So you need to be aware of how to adjust your time accordingly.

Remember that this is an extremely competitive arena, and that subscribing to a Forex company with an established track record, great references, and a signaling feature is paramount to your success or failure in the currency exchange market. Information from a Forex trading company tends to be significantly more accurate than that of the lesser experienced competitors. The Forex dealers and experts provide this trading data and valuable information to both institutional clients and investors alike, so you should be taking advantage of this feature if you aren’t already doing so.

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