We would like to introduce our 1st trading tool “Trading Panel” for MT4/MT5, which we developed according to our requirements. But we really hope that somehow it could be useful for you too.

Old version

New version

Click to view video :

Here you can see how to use the tool and which buttons are used for what in the image above.

With help of Trading Panel, You can trade easily in live market without any limitations. Please check all features of trading panel below :

Main features :

  • Hide/Show Panel button
  • Dynamic Lot Size – You can set dynamic lot size with different row as per your requirement
  • Set Take Profit, Stop Loss of BUY & SELL orders
  • Set Directly Profit Targets & Loss Targets
  • Specify a comment for the submitted orders.
  • TP Button
  • SL Button
  • SLM Button (You can set SL with market price)
  • SLR Button (You can set Revised SL from break even price)
  • Average Price of Buy & Sell orders
  • Close Buy Orders – Through this button you can partially close buy trades
  • Close Sell Orders – Through this button you can partially close sell trades
  • Close All Orders – Through this button you can partially close buy or sell trades

Benafits :

  • This indicator is very helpful and client can utilize it in live market, it will helps to take multiple actions like can take multiple entries, bulk lot entries, close all positions with one click.
  • It will also very usefull in live market and volatile market when
  • economic data is coming.
  • it helps to take fast decision if doing multiple lots trading.
  • it will very helpfull for scalpers, itraday taders.

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