Why we Charge Advance FEES?

— Once we link your account then we need to spent the infrastructural cost, ManPower Cost, VPS Cost at first and then Trading will be started in the account. So the fees which a client is paying us will be spent behind your account only. There is No Profit of the company there.

— We face huge inquiry for copy trading, High Price will reduce our subscription ratio by 80% so that we can serve our client.

— Sources are limited, skilled traders and infrastructure too, so we have to take advance payment which will help limit the subscription so that we can give proper service and profit to genuine clients

— Our live performance with an extreme level of transparency and recorded each signal in twitter/telegram/YouTube/Facebook, to prove the accuracy of 90% to 97% has huge expenditure, Subscription amount will help build more accuracy and transparency. www.forextrade1.com/live-performance

—We are interested to build a strong & honest relationship with our clients and committed to their capital growth. We have a trader with a capital of $1million to $20 million & who are paying 10% to 40% of their profit. For a Company, $5k amount is not a big deal, more than that our reputation is far worthy than that of any amount.

—Our competitors are trying hard to make us kneel down due to our honest and crystal clear transparency which is very hard to digest. We have more than 3000+ paid clients and more than 80k+ free followers including twitter, telegram, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.

—High charges will also filter the client with good capital and small capital will not help us use our trading potentials at its best.

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