The paid clients are requested not to follow Free Channel or any free platform as free platform contains mixture of updates of all our products such as.

Focal 500

Premium 1200

Platinum 5000

Rhodium 15000

Kryptonium 50000

Clients are suggested to follow their respective paid-plan update and not to compare our Telegram Channel

Free Channel we also keep updating our Account Management Service Profit. So, a Paid client must not get confused and mixed up with Free Telegram update.

» Paid client will get entry levels and they will have to follow the levels precisely. You can put buy limit or sell limit as per the recommendation received in the paid platform.

» If you find the gap between Current Market price and the given levels. You should apply this strategy. if you are trading with 1.0 lot size then count the gap for the Current market price and Our given levels if there is a gap of 100 pip, for example, you can divide 100/4 that is 25 pip.  So you can enter at every 25 pip gap with 0.25 lot size.

» Advance alert means you will get Signals few hours before with expected price to enter, SL to keep along with TP. Paid clients are expected to follow them rigorously. Enter as a suggested strategy.

» Please follow our blogs for other educational sorts of videos that will help you understand our strategy better.


We, at ForexTrade1, completely understand the value of client capital and sentiments. We, therefore, continuously strive to improve our system, strategies and methods. Our paid clients are raising many queries quoting some important queries. We request our paid clients to go through this query and we hope they will understand why we not provide market price entry and other important facets.

Dear Clients,
Please understand few important point of Foca500 service

1.  Clients are supposed to trade with $100 to $800 capital only.
2.  A client when choose Focal500, whether to check just authenticity/accuracy of signals or may be out of genuinely having small capital size, Company is presuming our client to be trading with recommended capital size only.
3.  Focal500 clients are given specific levels only the reason being their small capital size should have very small risk. 
4.  The levels that paid clients are getting are very important resistant levels or support levels. So those levels are hardly broken as per technical analysis and God forbids if SL is hit from the support level/resistant level client will lose very small amount. 
5.  Client must understand the importance of support levels and resistant levels then they will respect the strategy. If SL is hit from the market price, Client will lose big and may not withstand next day to trade.
6.  If client wants to take the market price entry then please follow our below mentioned strategy.

For Example, 

If AUDUSD buy signal is given 
300000qty=3.0lot in mt4
3.0lot@0.73700 SL-0.73500 – RISK 20 pips
3.0lot@0.72800 SL-0.73600 – RISK 20 pips 
3.0lot@0.72000 SL-0.71800 – RISK 20 pips
0.72400-0.72300 SL-0.72200 – RISK 10 pips

Now if you want to trade with market entry price
Then let us assume AUDUSD is trading at 0.7500 and Entry price is 00.73700
0.7500-0.7370=130 pips
So what you can enter as per recommended strategy

0.7500 – enter with 0.1 lot size 
0.7450 – enter again with 0.1 lot size
0.7400 – enter again with 0.1 lot size
0.7370 – now enter with 0.1 or may be 0.5 lot size keeping given SL
We hope our given strategy will help you gain from forex trading.

We always write on our free platform
You can earn only with patience dedication and discipline.

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