You will get the value of each day and each Signal we work on Return on Investment basis.

 We have the highly qualified Technical team. An added advantage is that ForexTrade1 is basically a trader so knows inside story of each instrument on any given day and time.

 We focus on post-sale service. Client-centric & profit oriented Team brings high cost.

 We give advance alert so that no need to spend all time on the terminal. You can set the alarm in mobile and trade on specific given time and level.  Time can be managed easily and you can spend it on other quality work.

 Only one signal will be enough to recover you subscription charges.

 24X7 Personalized Assistance by our expert team with complete guidance for capital management. 

 Support by Remote Access (e.g. team viewer) if required during live trade to help the trader to set entry-exit SL and TP.

 Our team will help you manage your profit and to reinvest in other instruments like Crypto, Gold, Stock, bonds for long-term safe investments.


It is Client Relationship Number.

— CRN like works just like an account number or like CLIENT identification. The company recognizes clients through CRN only. Our company is service oriented & company wants to focus on each client, so post payment clients are served based on CRN number only.

— The Company accepts new payments ONLY after this CRN gets approved by Account Team. CRN helps us manage the number of request we get and approval clients get.

— The company makes sure that each CRN is earning their profit as per their respective profit agreement.

— An interested trader CAN REQUEST A CRN AT
» Chat — 
» Email —
» Call — +44 208 133 0612


We have a very strong and particular reason for not giving instalment in service.

1  Company strongly believes that to earn from the market requires extreme patience knowledge and discipline which will not come in 1, 2 or 5 days. So the company provides service for 2 months which in turn helps the trader to understand the market and our strategies as well… and so that they can earn profit eventually. Installments in service may deviate client to stop in the middle of the service.

2  Trading without proper knowledge and self-understanding is not good at all. We, at ForexTrade1, believe that learning forex trading is also as important as earning money. So starting small, learning to trade along the way, keeping patience and dedication will help the trader understand forex better. Installments may not be a good choice for this kind of strategy.

3  Company mainly focuses on Capital management and Wealth Building with proper and professional trading and these concepts cannot be conceived within a day or a week.

4  We, as Company, don’t do experiments with the traders’ hard-earned money by giving free trail or installments. Short cuts in trading can be extremely hazardous.



The traders who want to join our services can pay their fees, Advance Profit Sharing, and CopyTrade Profit Sharing using below mentioned payment methods:

» BitCoin

» Skrill

» Neteller

» Western Union

» MoneyGram

Company’s BitCoin Address is as below


BitCoin Payment link:

For any payment related queries, like

How to open an account with Skrill?

How to open an account with Neteller?

How to pay using Bitcoins?

How to send W.U. online?

Agent details to send W.U.

Clients can drop their queries at

» Telegram

How to get 1 months free

There are below mentioned conditions that client must comply in order to get 1 month free service.


Client must open an account with our recommended broker.

Account must be opened using our referral link only.

Once account is opened and verified, Client must trade on that account only in order to get 1 month free service.

Paid client should mail the details of the account opened using referral link so that account team can verify it with broker and can approve 1 month free service

If clients fails to comply given condition then company holds all the rights to terminate this offer without any prior notice to paid clients.

Please refer to our query
how to open an account with XM?
What to select while opening an account with XM?

Advantages of the offer:

The traders can get 1 month of free service, so the earning is 100% more for Focal500

Paid client will have extra support with withdrawals and deposits

Client will get assistance from the company also if any issue with broker/platform

Technical Assistance by company 24X7



Please send an email to

KEEP SUBJECT AS: Subscription Details

1: Full Name:

2: Country:

3: State:

4: Contact number:

5: CR Number:

6: Product: Focal500/Premium1200/Platinum5000/CopyTrade5000

7: Telegram ID:

8: Date of Payment:

9: Mode of Payment:



» Save our Paid Client WhatsApp Broadcast Number +18302535514 in your mobile

» Send us your CR Number through WhatsApp on above number



» We will send you an agreement.

» Sign the Agreement and mail us at

Service will start only when the signed agreement is sent

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